Top 8 Attractions in County Carlow


Carlow is one of the smallest counties in Ireland. It is a beautiful county and attracts lots of visitors every year. There are different places to visit and learn about Irish history, culture and the beautiful landscape.

If you plan to visit County Carlow, then here are some of the attractions you shouldn’t miss.

Chocolate Garden of Ireland

This place will surely remind you of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It is a modern Irish chocolate factory that offers tours for visitors to show them how different chocolates are made.

It is a paradise for kids and adults who have a bit of a sweet tooth. You can take part in chocolate mould making and decorate your own chocolate.


The Visual Centre for Contemporary Arts

It is the biggest art gallery in Ireland. Works of both local and international artists are exhibited here. You will see a great collection of contemporary artsat the Visual Centre of Contemporary arts, and it won’t even cost you a penny.

Delta Sensory Garden

If you are looking for tranquillity and peace and want to stay away from the crowd, then you must visit the Delta Sensory Garden. It is a beautiful garden designed by the top designers of Ireland. There is a lovely craft shop here. Throughout the year different events take place here.

Carlow County Museum

If you want to know about the history of Carlow County and the rest ofIreland, then you must visit this museum. There are burial sites of the sugar factory and other interesting exhibits that will help you learn more about Carlow and its residents.

Huntington Castle

This castle was constructed in 1625 by Laurence Esmonde. You will love the Georgian terraces and Victorian structures. You can take a tour through the kitchen, dining hall, pond and temple of this castle.

There is a beautiful garden outside the castle which is a popular venue for weddings.

Duckett’s Grove

It is the most interesting ruins in Ireland. It was a lovely castle where the Duckett’s family lived. You will love the architecture of the castle which reflects the Georgian style.

However, in 1933 a fire broke out which destroyed part of the interior. You can still see the ruins of this castle and learn about its history.

Brownshill Dolmen

It is a tomb with huge granite capstone which weighs about 103 tonnes. It is an important historical site as it is one of the largest and heaviest portal dolmens in Europe and has historical significance.

It is believed to be from the Neolithic Period and was constructed using ropes and ramps.

Oak Park Forest Park

It is a beautiful place that will take your breath away. You can spend some time here watching the beautiful nature. There are lots of different kinds of trees here which include beech, oak and pine. It is a great location for a picnic or a family day.

There are so many attractions in County Carlow that one trip won’t be enough to see it all. Plan your trip well so that you can make the most out of it.